Gait analysis helps a licensed physical therapist identify abnormalities in your walking and running patterns to ultimately help you overcome limitations and reach mobility goals.

What is gait analysis?

Using treadmill and force plate gait analysis, a physical therapist will observe and assess your gait and stride as you walk and run to identify abnormalities and imbalances. Using that information, your therapist will create a treatment program designed to correct your gait.

What are the benefits?

By identifying the root cause of any imbalances or abnormalities, your physical therapist can create a treatment plan tailored to you and get you back to moving freely to get where you need to without relying on others.


Our Frequently Asked Questions give answers to the questions many of our new patients have before coming in for their first visit.

Will favoring one side while walking affect other joints?

It is common to see pain in other joints after periods of walking abnormally. If you are limping due to knee or ankle pain, it is highly likely that your hip and/or lower back will start hurting. It is very important to have a comprehensive evaluation if your pain persists longer than five to seven days.