Pregnancy and Low Back Pain

If you are pregnant and are experiencing low back pain then physical therapy may be able to reduce the back and pelvic pain during and after pregnancy. Studies indicate that 24% to 90% of women experience low back pain or pelvic pain during pregnancy, most find that it goes away after giving birth but many don’t get relief. Physical therapy can help decrease low back pain during pregnancy and help you safely return to exercise postpartum.

There are many ways a physical therapist can help low back pain during pregnancy. Some include safe exercises for your pelvic floor, transverse abdominus, and specific stretches. Physical Therapists can teach you to maintain your strength during pregnancy and help you learn what might aggravate or trigger your pain.

Many women find relief postpartum, but up to a third continue to experience low back pain or pelvic pain for up to a year. Postpartum exercises, although similar, will be different than during pregnancy and a physical therapist can help guide you through a progression of safe exercise to help you return to your previous activities.

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If you are pregnant, or plan on becoming pregnant, and are concerned about Low Back Pain please reach out to our Pelvic Health Specialist and Physical Therapist Jessa Brooks who is located in “The Wave” in Whitefish. Over the last two years Jessa has helped many pregnant, and postpartum, women in the Flathead Valley find the relief they are looking for. To request an evaluation with Jessa please click the link below and fill out your information and someone will reach out to you to set up an evaluation with Jessa.

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