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Lower Back Pain

Posted by on May 8, 2014 in Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is a tedious affliction, but is also one that can be handled with diligent care. Often the reason people suffer from lower back pain is that their spines are not in the best health. You can discover if your spine has issues with the different vertebrae fusing together, or even if there is an unnatural twist to your spine. One of the things about this that you may not consider is that any deformation to your spine is an unnatural state of it. Your spine is supposed to be slightly curved with clear spacing between the vertebrae, and is also supposed to be flexible to some extent. If your lower back loses that flexibility then there is most likely some problem that needs correction.



One of the first things we will do for our patients is to get them x-rays so that we might better be able to diagnose what is actually the problem with your back. Using this approach we can determine what is wrong and what the best treatment for you actually is. Your lower back pain is an issue that we will be happy to help you remedy when you schedule an appointment with one of our locations around Kalispell.

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